Exploration is the key to social emotional growth.

George Anastos Art Educator

Allowing students to grow through exploration is key.
Kindergarten students work together to see how high
they can build.
Looks like fun?
Well, yes it is. It is also students learning to work together while exploring the blocks. They learned about the texture and what the blocks are made out of. They counted how many they could stack. They stratagized ways to stack them so they would be sturdy as the tower got higher. The list goes on, with how much learning is happening in the video.

Community exhibition grows inspiration

Proud artists

Since September 2016, Students have created work for three art exhibits that are on display at the Dudley Square Bank of America.
We have chosen the theme of trees for our December-January show. Students used watercolor paint on white watercolor paper to create an image of trees. 
At the end of our ELT session, students were invited to have a tour of the Bank and view their work on display.

Thank you Bank of America, Dudley Square branch